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Welcome to the Gignosco.org webpage about Quotations and latin phrases(not yet published).My passion is Quotations. With the hope that the human essence you will enhance reading my collection ,i present to you my favourite compilation of quotations my present genuine and distinguish companions of my soul .I believe that after reading them you will resort to using them to illustrate to your friends that anytime they need advice you will have the facilities to help them .
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Technologies Used :

  • Java Servlets / Java server pages
  • Spring Framework (Backend)
  • AJAX
  • JDBC
  • Apache Tomcat 6.0

My Experience :

  • 4.5 years of software experience in analysis, design and implementation of J2EE applications.

    Experience in OOAD and UML using IBM Rational Application Architect (including Eclipse)for system designing tasks.

    Good RDBMS Skills in ORACLE and DB2.

    Developed Java, J2EE Applications with various Java Frameworks.

    Strong Understanding of OOP and Specification Tasks.

    Strong skills on CVS-SRV to manage source code from large projects.

    comprehend the complete state of a development effort in the shortest period of time by using important tools like Maven and Ant.

    Strong skills on application servers(Weblogic,IBM Websphere)

    Strong desire to contribute

    Sense of team Identity

    Shared ,elevating vision or goal

    Professional Technical Experience :
    • Involve in coding and Dev testing.
    • Responsible for System Implementation.
    • Responsible for the system user interface and Business objects
    • Convert Concepts and plans into work procedures and carry out group plans efficiently as agreed. 
    • developed customized client-side modules
    • implemented business components for Application
    • developed ground station software components
    • Participated in most software development stages
    • Developed comprehensive integration test classes.
    • Extended code features for better performance.
    • Provide help to other team members when needed and appropriate.
    • Make the team goal a higher priority than any personal objective.
    • Analyze problems from a practical point of view and evaluate ideas and suggestions so the team make balanced decisions.
    • Create external contacts that may be useful to the group,as also explore resources outside the group that may benefit production


    Java Frameworks :
    Spring MVC-Spring Web Flow-JSF-JPA-GWT
    Java Business Components
    JIRA Bug Detecting Tool 
    EJB 3.0,JMS,JNDI

    DE Tools
    Rational Application Developer(RAD) -Eclipse

    Methodology UML

    Servers :Weblogic 11g,Apache Tomcat,IBM Websphere,JBoss

    Databases :Oracle 11g,DB2

    Rational Rose,Visual Paradism , Visio

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