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Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation. It is better be alone than in bad company.
~ George Washington | (First President of the USA. ) | 1732-1799 | Association
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In all societies, it is advisable to associate if possible with the highest; not that the highest are always the best, but because, if disgusted there, we can descend at any time; but if we begin with the lowest, to ascend is impossible.
~ Charles Caleb Colton | ( British clergyman ) | 1780-1832 | Association
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Like associates with like.
~ Marcus Tulius Cicero | ( Writer, politician and great roman orator. ) | 106-43 BC | Association
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Show me the person you honor, for I know better by that the kind of person you are. For you show me what your idea of humanity is.
~ Thomas Carlyle | ( British historian and essayist. ) | 1795-1881 | Association
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Sometimes a man hits upon a place to which he mysteriously feels that he belongs.
~ W. Somerset Maugham | (British novelist and playwright. ) | 1874-1965 | Association
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To take refuge with an inferior is to betray one's self.
~ Publilius Syrus | ( Roman writer and poet. ) | 1st Centry BC-? | Association
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We gain nothing by being with such as ourselves. We encourage one another in mediocrity. I am always longing to be with men more excellent than myself.
~ Charles Lamb | ( English essayist. ) | 1775-1834 | Association
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